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ith just the simple keyword “how to write good content” or “how to write effective content,” you can quickly get hundreds of thousands of articles to share/tutorial. But what articles can help you improve your writing skills?

Hubspot stated that “The top three roles marketing leaders will prioritize hiring are content creators, web content marketing managers, and content strategists.” So, why do leaders and businesses are investing so much into web content marketing? 

Because when businesses rank their web content marketing highest on Google SERPs, that is free content marketing ROI. About 76% of content marketers use organic traffic as a critical metric for measuring content success, and Only 22% use backlinks. This tactic saves ad costs and provides a long-term solution. 


What makes up good web content marketing?


Good web content marketing is perhaps a difficult concept to define precisely. However, in general, content that readers appreciate will first include the following characteristics:

Unique: Provides unique valuable information. The content has never appeared anywhere on the Internet.

Relevant: Content organized by Topic in-depth, covering a wide range of topics

Helpful: Helpful content solves a searcher’s problem

Great UX: Optimize the user experience on any device

Google values content that helps search queries users solve their problems. So when visitors find the answer they are looking for on your website, it is easy to capture their attention to convert to loyalty and sales conversion. 


Content marketing for startups: 

To launch a business, it’s critical to understand your rivals. Although many current businesses have solid foundations, this issue won’t prevent your company from expanding. Many new business owners enter the market with a solid understanding of “enhancing” the current business strategy. As a result, they created a new wave to change and cure the flaw of any company in the competition rather than working for the company. 

Understanding the customers’ frustrations are the keys for success, with content marketing ROI, businesses normally should start with web content marketing that starts with WHY-HOW-WHAT. 

Different content serves different purposes and on different platforms. In particular, B2B content marketing will differ significantly from B2C web content marketing. For example, your business is selling credit card machines for an Italian restaurant to collect payment from their customers. 

There are various web content marketing markets for two different consumers. You need to confirm where most business owners read material; for instance, they might not be large Instagram users but relatively frequent LinkedIn or Facebook. Especially, you also need to tweak your web content marketing strategy to fit with the change in different platforms.


Helpful tools in building a content marketing strategy

Answer The Public:

Trust us, when you are visiting “Answer The Public”, you will love using this tool. You must enter keywords in the box “Discover what people are asking about” and click search. The tool will suggest you many topics with questions (Why, What, When, How, Will, Can, Which, Are) listed alphabetically (alphabetical), paired with prepositions (Can, without, to, with, for,…), or compare related issues (For Example, Content marketing and copywriting, content marketing and SEO,…).

The remarkable thing is that Answer The Public allows users to Download suggestions with Excel files and images, but we recommend that you download them with Excel files for easy handling but don’t see the pictures as too eye-catching. Unfortunately, you can only download and search one free time of the day.



A portent is a free tool; because it’s free, Portent has some limitations, but that’s okay; you can still quickly get ideas from Portent’s suggestions.

Portent’s idea is not in the form of a keyword like Answer The Public but returns as the title of the article; this tool does not support Vietnamese so you need to search in the search box “What is your subject” with keywords in English. Older brother. For example, with the keyword “Content Marketing,” we get suggestions like:

  • 14 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Content Marketing
  • 18 Unexpected Uses for Content Marketing
  • Why Your Content Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Plan
  • Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Content Marketing
  • How Content Marketing Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire
  • 6 Ways Content Marketing Can Make You Rich

For more suggestions, just click on: “See Another Title” right below the search box, Portent’s suggested titles are pretty catchy, and you can adjust the wording to fit your style or brand personality.



Track insights across the web without having to read everything. Feedly is a place to access all useful and reliable information blogs on various Websites, Fanpages, Brands, or Experts in different industries. 

Feedly offers free and premium accounts. The free version filters articles from trusted Websites, this version allows you to do two main activities: Create Feeds and create Boards. To create Feeds, right in the toolbar on the left side of the screen, press the button: “Create New Feed” and enter related keywords (Note that with Feeds in the free account, you can only create up to three Feeds, experience using Free stuff should have lots of emails). For example, if I enter “Marketing,” the tool will return me a list of beneficial content sources such as:

  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Convince and Convert
  • MarketingProfs
  • Marketo Marketing Blog
  • Neil Patel
  • Seth Godin’s Blog
  • Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing

All you need to do is click Follow all the sources you like, and click on each source directly to see how they implement your web content marketing topic. Usually, they will analyze case studies, talk purely about theory, forecast trends, report on marketing studies, etc. Overall it is worth using to learn.

Creating a Board is where you gather your favorite articles under the same topic; you can Public this Board or not. You should add the Title and Description section on the Board to make it easier to manage.

With these three tools, you can create a Web Content Marketing Calendar for the month without any difficulty the way you can do; for example:

  • Create Content Pillar with Answer The Public
  • Browse topics and titles via Feedly and Portent
  • Finally, find information about writing articles on Feedly.

Write better web content marketing copywriting and content with AI

Content marketing is the process of creating content that attracts and retains customers. Content marketing platforms are a set of tools used by businesses or individuals to create, manage, measure and distribute content in order to achieve marketing objectives.

This section will discuss the role of AI writers in content marketing. AI writers can be helpful for companies that need to generate content at scale. They are also useful for copywriters who want to focus on creativity and emotions instead of spending time on skill sets they don’t have.


Copy.Ai is an AI writing assistant that allows freelance writers, marketers, business owners, and copywriters to create quality content. This includes blog intros, landing page copy, LinkedIn ads, and product descriptions. Simply head over to, and you’ll find all the templates laid out on the left. Copy AI allows you to generate blog outline ideas and freestyles with keywords focus generated.

For example: We enter, Blog title: Content marketing ROI, Keyword: Content marketing return on investment, Tone: Professional, Goal: Teaches the reader. Then we will get the gist of the topic after clicking on the “generate all” button.


QuillBot AI Paraphrasing Tool – Save Time & Rewrite Faster

Write better, faster, and clearer with the best artificial intelligence paraphrasing tool. Free paraphrasing tool: rewrite any article or content. Quillbot has 7 different rewriting modes: where Standard, Fluency, Formal, are free options and the rest: SImple, Creative, Expand, Shorter that you have to pay for. However, we always think the free version works perfectly, and we need to tweak it to fit with our own narrative.

An AI writer, content generator & writing assistant that allows a digital content agency to generate any blog posts with 5000 words per month. Rytr offers creative content, with new ideas and use cases for many business types. From emails & blogs to ads & social media, Rytr can create original, engaging copies for you within seconds.

Generate content in just 4 easy steps

  1. Step 1 — Select language. Choose a language of output. Pick one from 30+ language types in the dropdown.
  2. Step 2 — Select tone. Choose a tone of voice for your content type. From casual to convincing, pick one from 20+ tones in the dropdown.
  3. Step 3 — Choose your use case. Just open the app and choose Video Description from the dropdown. We support 30+ use cases and content types in 30+ languages.
  4. Step 4 — Add input, provide some keywords, phrases, or titles as input and click Ryte for me.

Some fun statistics about content marketing ROI, and Why are we investing in digital content agecy?

Content marketing is an affordable way to attract new customers and build brand awareness. Businesses with a blog get 67% more leads and Company blogs generate 67% more leads than non-blogging companies. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads. Marketing agencies that blog 17+ times/month receive 5x as many leads as agencies that blog zero to four times/month. 

“News” is the most popular type of content, with 18% of B2B companies reporting it as their most successful content. Coming in second is “infographics,” at 14%. Businesses that invest in web content marketing (for example: blogging and creating useful digital assets) grow faster than those who don’t. According to Marketo’s research, faster growth businesses spend 23% of their budget on content creation and distribution, whereas slower-growth companies spend only 17%.

How Long Should Blog Posts Be in 2021?

Recently, a study from based on 10,000 of the most popular articles in 15 fields showed the effect of article length on the amount of traffic, backlinks, and social shares of that article.


Articles with 1000 visits/month or 5000 visits/month have an average length of about 2000 words.

Articles from 2500 – 3000 words receive the highest traffic (more than 14,000 views) and quickly reach the first page of the list of Google search results.

However, the length and traffic received are different in each area. For example, in the field of Education, readers prefer short content under 500 words. Meanwhile, on the contrary, in the Entertainment segment, readers prefer content from 3500 – 4000 words long; in the Technology and Tourism segment, they prefer articles with more than 4000 words or more.

Articles from 1000 – 2000 words receive the most backlinks, two times more than articles of another length. But not every backlink means much traffic!

About the amount of social shares (Focus on three social: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest):

With 2500 – 3000 words, Entertainment, Technology, and Tourism received the most reshares. On the other hand, and not surprisingly, Engineering (Engineer), E-commerce, and Insurance are hardly shared by readers.

In general, the longer, the better. However, not every long post will get traffic, backlinks or shares. The article needs to match the search intent of the reader and solve their problem.

The 4 types of posts with the highest traffic are: how to, list (list), what, why. However, to have a high conversion rate (CTR) to orders, the article should show one of the following five factors:

  • Compare
  • The best product in the category
  • Products can be substituted for other products
  • Articles about product prices
  • Articles about products that can solve a user’s problem

So the process of writing a quality article is:

Understand the reader’s search intent → Create article ideas → Find keywords for the article.

To find keywords for articles, you can use SEMRush, MOZ, Google Keyword Planner, and UberSuggest – with some free keyword research features with hundreds of millions of keywords in the database and a variety of other features. 


Effective time on Web content marketing with smart shortcuts:

Repurposing content (also known as “content recycling”) is the technique of reusing all or parts of current information to increase its reach. Typically, repurposed information is changed into a new format (for example, turning a blog post into an infographic or video). 

A good piece of content can be repurposed 10 times, this technique helps you to keep the consistency of your bottom line. Original content must be high-quality, well-written and original. The purpose of repurposed content is to reach different audiences from different platforms. Not everyone will hear about your blogs on your websites, but they may come across it on a Facebook post. 

Different type of web content marketing repurposing:

  • Improve the Writing of Existing Content
  • Convert Text Posts Into Video 
  • Refresh Your Content
  • Create an Infographic
  • Start a Podcast
  • Adapt Content to Promote on Social Media
  • Rework Long Posts into a Short Series
  • Quora/ Reddit Answers

Write best content for human reader, not Google

Remember that your web content marketing must be created for human readers, regardless of the competition in the SERPs. Although Google’s algorithms are built to read and comprehend your posts, your blogs are created to serve your consumers. Visitors utilize Google to find solutions, and if your content is unclear, it might negatively impact them.

As Google has embraced machine learning and customization, the influence of keyword-backed content has diminished; therefore, developing keyword-purpose material will fail to move the needle. In particular, your keyword-backed content will be clunky and over-optimized, causing your user confusion. 

In other words, material that checks all the technical boxes but fails to educate or inspire will have no effect on your organic results.People will instead fail to engage with your material, share your content, or connect with your website. All of this will cause your rankings to have a downfall.

Content marketing is the best way to get your business noticed by potential customers. It is a strategy that can be used for both B2B and B2C sectors. The main goal of content marketing is to create, publish and promote valuable, engaging and relevant content with the intention of driving traffic to a website or landing page.

The best way to make an impact with content marketing is to have the right tools at hand. Content marketers need a platform that can help them with publishing, analytics and engagement. This will ensure they are able to create high-quality content that will be noticed by their audience.

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