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Ryan Rodney Reynolds, an attractive and funny Canadian-American actor, has appeared in films such as Deadpool, Six Underground, X-Men Origins, and others. Besides Ryan Reynolds’s charming feature that people fall in love with, he is also a business venture genius. Throughout his 40-year career in cinema and television, Ryan has also contributed his talent to building multi-million marketing campaigns for several brands. So let us dig in and find out the key success of Ryan Reynold that we can learn from him.



All the genius Deadpool 1 marketing stunts you may have missed.


Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, first appeared in Marvel Comics and has since been featured in several continuing Deadpool series and other media. He alternates between being a superhero and a supervillain, although he runs through the Heel-Face Revolving Door most of the time. He is also renowned for wearing a red and black mask and outfit, speaking in speech bubbles, and loves violence and murder. Due to this characteristic, Deadpool was marked “R rated”, this made it unconventional for children to access this movie. Deadpool got the greenlight at a $58 million budget, which was granted lower than any other superhero expectation. 

Aside from Deadpool’s success being attributed to the Marvel comic, which made it the highest-grossing R-rated movie at the time, Ryan Reynolds’ aggressive marketing campaign also brought memorable marketing gimmicks to attract publicity and increase profit points.




In 2015, Ryan Reynolds participated in a role in Deadpool’s production with Marc Weinstock, the marketing chief of 20th Century Fox, to create an authentic personality to the Deadpool character. In the marketing campaign, to give the impression that Deadpool himself was running the campaign, he combined the comedy and personality of the character across different platforms: TV, social media, and all other accessible digital channels. Reynolds promoted the material on his personal social media accounts as well.


The goal of Ryan was to make viral videos to be shared on social media. Getting people to share the contents was the essence of a viral campaign, and the Deadpool marketing team pulled out all the stops to make sure video viewers did just that.


With the catchy opening line “This message is brought to you by Deadpool”, short video clips of Deadpool was giving advice on random things. 


Let’s take a look at some:


Viral video marketing


The testicular cancer video #Deadpool1


With the help of anti-cancer organizations, Deadpool distributed PSA-style videos on testicular and breast cancer. His character as a cancer-stricken mercenary with a taste for bawdy humor matched them wonderfully, and the video’ significant message urged people to share.


Deadpool Goes 360-Degree on Facebook. #Deadpool1


20th Century Fox released an exclusive 360-degree video on Facebook backing its hot new theatrical release, Deadpool. The 360 video captured Deadpools at a bar from different angles. Pan in any direction to see Deadpool being silly: one is using a sword to chop fruit garnishes, one is getting ready to urinate while scratching his butt, one is dancing on the bar, one is playing billiards, one is unconscious from alcohol,… Deadpool’s fans found it fascinating to interact with him from multiple angles. https://comicbook.com/movies/news/youll-see-deadpool-everywhere-in-this-new-360-video/


Holiday marketing: 



The Deadpool marketing team made unique holiday-themed material all year long. This holiday content-based created an extra buzz to remind the audience of Deadpool’s immoral persona.


Ryan Reynolds Addresses the Deadpool PG-13 Rating (HD) JoBlo.com Exclusive #Deadpool1



To fit the box office standard, the R-rated film Deadpool should have changed to PG-13. However, Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool, made a joke on April Fools about the PG-13 rating, saying he was not sure whether Deadpool could be a family-friendly film. In the end, Deadpool knocked down Slater and confirmed R-rated Deadpool strongly.  


How Deadpool Spent Halloween #Deadpool1

Deadpool spent his Halloween night messing with kids dressing up as X-men factor. However, to keep it as Deadpool persona, he was still cussing and messing around in front of the kids.  


Some of the audience reactions:


“I am starting to think that Ryan Reynolds has gone insane and genuinely believes he is Deadpool. 

That would be pretty awesome, to be honest.”


“Attack this little one! Attack this! “I loved how he did that, plus the kid’s expression was priceless.


12 days till deadpool #deadpool1


The campaign kicked off as early as the official trailer release in December 2015. A YouTube video titled “12 days of Deadpool- Happy Holidays” dropped to build hype for the trailer alone. The studio dropped new Deadpool videos and posters on various sites each day, culminating in the final trailer’s release on the 12th day, building up to the Christmas Day release of the entire red-band trailer.



Aggressive advertising through different channel:





There were several billboards with the words ” dead poo L” in the US a few weeks prior to the debut of Deadpool. Although it appears to be a Gen-Z text message, it is actually a Deadpool advertisement. One of Deadpool’s marketing campaign’s most iconic pranks was this billboard advertisement.


Tinder profile

Using Tinder as a hook to engage fans was another great strategy used by Deadpool. Tinder, indeed! Some people using Tinder to find a partner were paired with none other than Deadpool.


Facebook status

With over 2 million Facebook fans, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and 135,000 YouTube subscribers, Reynolds has an impressive social media following. It is understandable why they took advantage of this given the significant additional exposure.

(display different facebook message & ads)


Ryan Reynold went out of his ways to ensure that Wade and Ryan are indeed the same person. Many fans got hooked on his leading role, and they believed Ryan was borned to become Deadpool. 


Marketing to local markets

Deadpool expands its reach to worldwide audiences

The unusually strong emphasis on social media material created especially for overseas markets may be seen, for instance, in the Australia Day film. While on tour, Ryan Reynolds undoubtedly contributed to the movie’s promotion by tweeting a ton of video with specific city hashtags like #DeadpoolDoesParis, #DeadpoolDoesBerlin, and #DeadpoolDoesTaipei.


Their efforts generated a huge internet buzz. While the US and the UK accounted for the majority of “Deadpool” tweets, mentions from other markets were distributed pretty evenly. The movie’s phenomenal overseas box-office performance—Deadpool opened at the #1 spot in 60 of the 61 nations it was released in—finally captured the scope of this global discourse.


Ryan Reynold, great work ethic, amazing actor and talented marketing director. 


Deadpool 2:

As with previous superhero movies, Deadpool does not fit the mold of the typical comic book character; thus, the traditional marketing rules have no relevance to him. Characterized by distinctiveness, Deadpool also stands out in advertising. Along with the campaign’s enormous success with Deadpool 1, Deadpool 2 included excellent marketing gimmicks that stunned the public.


Deadpool 2, and more especially, Deadpool 2’s marketing. Deadpool 2 had a lot to live up to because of a brilliant marketing campaign the first time around that included an emoji billboard, rom-com spoofing, an hour-long “Pool Log” holiday video, a real Tinder profile, and a hilariously important testicle cancer PSA—all of which were powered by the same foul, fourth wall-breaking sense of humor, How exactly do you then follow it up?

Marvel fans are everywhere, the traverse of social media can cross global boundaries. Ryan had a thorough awareness of the cultural norms in each country, which increased the attractiveness of Deadpool to all audiences.


Mask singer

For example, Masked singer is a popular show in South Korea. Ryan dressed up as a unicorn and sang Tomorrow from Annie in secret. Audiences love his authenticity, which very few Hollywood A-listers would actually do. He is a true publicist’s and marketer’s wet dream. This man gets into character in real life and is up for every possible crazy marketing stunt we can think up. Not to mention that he pulls it off every time.





David Beckham apology video


Wade accidentally insulted David Beckham in the first movie (he said: “When David Beckham speaks, it’s like he mouth-sexed a can of helium”). To apologize for this quote, Deadpool rang Beckham’s doorbell several times for apologies with cookies, balloons and Mariachi band. 


David Beckham is a real person, and it turns out that what Deadpool said about him in the first movie (remember: “It’s like he mouth-sexed a can of helium!”) somehow upset David Bechkham. In this video, The Merc with a Heart attempts to placate the football legend with cookies, balloons, a mariachi band, and World Cup tickets. Wade should be commended for not bringing up Beckham’s awful King Arthur appearance. ‘BOFE’ ANDS


Céline Dion – Ashes


Celine Dion is a legendary figure in popular music and has one of the most powerful and inspiring vocals ever. She performed songs from the soundtrack to Deadpool 2, which included Deadpool in the music video. After the deaths of her husband and brother, Ryan Reynolds’ touching letter helped Céline Dion get over her loss. He also deepened their friendship by asking Celine to perform on the soundtrack. The music thus seems unique, mind-melting, and full of emotions.


Getting wet on wet

First-look footage, slow-motion pictures of returning heroes, and a few explosions to whet fans’ appetites were all there in the Deadpool 2 trailer. These traditional aspects, however, were bookended by a drawing with a hallucinating DP painting stunning Canadian landscapes and “whacking off” his paint brushes while donning a big Bob Ross afro.


Deadpool 2 | Eur Missing a Country


After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover. 


Good Housekeeping: The Deadpool Edition


Although Good Housekeeping may have used Deadpool’s voice within their publication first, our cover features the character’s voice in full force. Empire’s Summer Movie Blowout issue is also available in a limited-edition special version with a talking cover that responds to your voice with one of 14 lines. If you can’t find one locally, you may get one here when it goes on sale on Thursday, May 17.



Thanos first commanded you to keep quiet about Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. Ryan Reynolds later demanded on Twitter that “you do not speak a fing word about the fun s” in Deadpool 2, which included Wade Wilson’s demise. So we will not reveal that information.


His admission that Fox had requested him to remove a joke about Disney, while he does not say it was because of the impending merger, also attracted much attention. Brolin discussed his exercise regimen to obtain Cable’s physique in that package and how much he adores 2009 The Proposal romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds.


Reynolds was the subject of a New York Times article covering many of the same grounds but did so in a more intimate setting, describing him as a low-key individual who struggles with uncertainty in his professional and personal life.



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