Visual marketing? Types of Visual Marketing and Marketing Content

  1. What is Visual Marketing? The importance of Visual Marketing

One way to attract and increase potential customer interaction in today’s digital transformation era is to use Visual Marketing skillfully, making it an important part of a business’s marketing strategy. Let’s learn with Weapon Agency the types of Visual Marketing that businesses can use for their products/services in the following article.

  1. What is Visual Marketing?

Visual Marketing (Visual Marketing) is the art of displaying images, videos and other multimedia content to convey the message of products/services directly or indirectly so that customers can see by eye. These visual telltale signs can be logos, uniforms, graphics, colors, etc., and a combination of them.

  1. Importance of Visual Marketing

The content conveyed by the form of Visual Marketing approaches quickly and has a strong impact on the emotions and memory of customers.

Statistics show that posts containing images attract 650% more engagement than posts with only text. The product can be purchased 85% higher if the customer has watched the introductory video about the product’s features and uses.

In addition, Visual Marketing helps businesses attract more traffic to their Website, Fanpage, thereby helping businesses promote products/services, increase revenue and brand value.

  1. 10 popular forms of Visual Marketing today
  2. Visual Marketing in Photo/Images

For successful marketing strategies, businesses need to design product/service images with high brand awareness and easy to attract customers. In particular, content containing images will help customers understand products/services more efficiently than just using traditional text.


QuickSprout research shows that Blog posts with images get 258% more followers than blog posts with other content.

  1. Visual Marketing Infographic

Businesses make business decisions, and customers buy based on the collected data, but not everyone has the time to read lengthy reports and research. Visual Marketing Infographics help summarize important information in an easy-to-understand and shareable way. Businesses can include Infographics in Blog articles, Ebooks to help customers get rid of the boredom of traditional documents. In addition, businesses can also share Infographics on social media platforms to increase the reach of products/services’ messages.

  1. Visual Marketing GIF

A GIF is a low-resolution image file consisting of short, repetitive motions. This is an exciting form of Visual Marketing because it allows businesses and Internet customers worldwide to share entertaining stories and instant messages.

Businesses can easily use free resources to create their trending GIFs to spread brand awareness among customers.


  1. Meme & Quote

Memes and Quotes are images with text, and their spread on social networks is speedy. If the Meme is humorous and entertaining, the Quote is a quote with more depth. The common point of these two forms of Visual Marketing is that they both directly affect the emotions and moods of viewers, helping brands connect with them by an invisible emotional cord.

The recipe for an engaging Meme & Quote is a compelling image accompanied by easy-to-read text. This visual marketing is a form of Visual Marketing created simply but highly effectively!


  1. Visual Marketing Screenshot

Screenshot is a type of image businesses use to show customer feedback, step-by-step instructions, or when introducing a new feature in a product/service. The screenshot provides customers with clear images to help convey business messages easily to understand and build customer trust.


  1. Visual Marketing in Illustration

Illustrations are images that “illustrate” the content in question. The illustration is essential for every business’s Visual Marketing campaign. It makes writing more polished, engaging, and easy to understand. In many cases, Illustrations can also influence customers’ psychology and motivate them to make quick purchasing decisions.

For example, if an article talks about good handbags and beautiful designs but lacks illustrations, it will not be able to attract readers to buy.


  1. Visual Marketing with Video

Videos can be used to evoke emotions, explain how your products/services work, or introduce your business. Videos contain more content than images and are more intuitive and multi-sensory than images. As a result, it helps potential customers know and care more about your business.


Optimize your video for under 2 minutes (even a short 30-second video) and bring out the most compelling images in the first 3 seconds of the video. Also, optimize your videos for mobile, and don’t forget to caption them to enhance the customer experience when watching them.


  1. Visual Marketing Slideshow

A slideshow is a display on the screen of a series of images, pages containing information … one after another. To show a Slideshow, one must use specialized equipment to display the image/information on the slide on a large screen.


A presentation presented in PowerPoint, Prezi, Visme… is always more exciting and persuasive than a long, wordy post. This type of Visual Content is unsuitable for social media platforms, but if operating in a professional community, this will be the most appreciated form.


  1. Visual Marketing Chart

A chart shows the volatility of a unit of measure followed by information researched by chartists or technical analysts for clues about market activity in the future.


A chart is a popular form of Visual Marketing Content on social networking platforms. It describes the growth and development of a product/service or a market trend. For reports and statistics with many numbers, a chart is the most straightforward way to help businesses convey information to readers quickly. The more intuitive the data, the more valuable the information, and the easier it is for the reader to build trust.


  1. Call to Action

Call to Action is abbreviated as CTA, also known as CTA Button; it is understood as a call to action button. The purpose of a Call to Action is to directly stimulate user behavior, turning them into customers or leads. Use design skills and software to make your call to Action stand out. Then the business will gain positive results in increasing the number of its potential customers.


Toolkit to optimize business marketing activities – Weapon Agency


Weapon Agency provides all the necessary modules on one platform to help Marketers deploy successful modern Marketing campaigns according to separate customer files, attract more potential customers, and increase conversions and revenue breakthroughs.


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Landing page: Create a professional, beautiful landing page, easy to operate even with no programming knowledge in just a few minutes.

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Data communication between Sales & Marketing: helps businesses limit manual data entry errors, take good care of potential customers, and optimize opportunity quality.

III. Principles to know when building Visual Marketing content

  1. Applying mathematical principles in design

Some commonly applied mathematical principles in creating Visual Content Marketing include:


Principle ⅓:

A classic principle of composition in photography, it is created by 2 lines intersecting 2 horizontal lines and creating 9 equal parts in a frame. An image that follows the ⅓ rule is to have the subject touch as many lines as possible.


Principle of the golden ratio:

The golden ratio principle is widely used in architecture and engineering. With two quantities, there is a “golden ratio” if the ratio between the sum of the two quantities and the larger quantity is equal to the ratio between the larger quantity and the smaller quantity.

The image has the “golden ratio” when the horizontal and vertical dimensions have a ratio of 1.618 or 0.618.

  1. Grasp the principles of colors and fonts

To create good and attractive Visual Content Marketing, we should understand the principles of colors and fonts.

Color principle:

Human vision and emotions are easily affected by color. Research shows that 60% of customers’ purchasing decisions are based solely on the product’s color and are made within the first 90 seconds of interacting with it. Therefore, choosing the right color will be the key to deciding the effectiveness of the business’s marketing strategy.


Font principles:

Besides colors, using appropriate fonts helps businesses evoke customers’ emotions when approaching their messages. Typically, only 3 fonts should be used in a content template so customers can easily visualize, read and remember the message. In addition, the colors combined with the correct font will create a more harmonious whole.

  1. 3 visual factors in evaluating a quality Visual Marketing campaign
  2. The ability to identify

Images or other multimedia content of the Visual Marketing campaign are of high quality, outstanding, emotional, and easy to attract and inspire customers about the business’s message.


  1. Content conveying Visual Marketing

Content that is easy to read, understand, and accessible to all customers receives much attention, interaction, and feedback from customers.

  1. Practical Visual Marketing Application

Visual Marketing campaigns help businesses better understand their products/services. They promoted businesses to develop new ideas and exploit new features to provide various products/services. This is also the foundation for the successful application of Visual Marketing campaigns in the future.


  1. Effectively optimize Visual Marketing campaigns with Weapon Agency

Doing Marketing without tools has many problems:

It is difficult for managers to monitor marketing activities effectively, and it is difficult to measure the results of each channel and employee performance

Employees do not have tools to support the implementation of campaigns: struggling to build a Landing page, unable to shoot Email Marketing campaigns with big data, making manual reports every day…

The Weapon agency marketing solution suite was developed to help businesses have a complete set of tools for effective Marketing. The features of MISA AMIS marketing are developed according to Marketers’ needs to help employees deploy Marketing campaigns; managers have tools to monitor & evaluate the effectiveness of Marketing activities quickly & precisely.


Summary of Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing is a valuable means for businesses to reach potential customers and improve brand recognition. Through each type of Visual Content Marketing, businesses can create a competitive advantage over their competitors. However, businesses should not use too many types of Visual Content Marketing if they find it inappropriate to optimize costs and increase the efficiency of their Marketing campaigns. Wish managers can choose the types of Visual Marketing suitable for their Marketing strategy.

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