Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me2

Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design

Process of Website Design: 6 Rules for Good Website Design

When an online business wants to show its professionalism to its customers, it needs a website with outstanding design and a unique brand identity. In particular, when a company is online, a good website should deliver customers the most satisfactory experience and convenience. So, the business can offer the best customer journey.

As a result, businesses can convert customers and promote their products and services more effectively. So, it is important to hire a professional website designer who understands the process of website design to help you with your brand.

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Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me7

In the process of website design, the goal is to choose an agency with an outstanding website design portfolio and understands how:

  • To improve the best UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) experience
  • To appeal to brand and logo
  • To optimize the best content for your landing page
  • To perform the best search engine optimization SEO
  • To develop the best back-end coding for the website

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Depending on the requirements of our clients, certain expectations are set for the website designer, coder, and developer. But, first, they must follow a straightforward blueprint process of website design.

This blog presents five steps in the process of website design, and these are the expectations you need to look for when you have a conversation with your website design agency.

Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me 8

The website designer wants to understand your brand, purpose, and goal in the first discussion. At the same time, this meeting allows us to explain our professional process of website design. We also answer your questions and advise you on the right direction in having all the design principles for your website to enhance the best user experience. We are:

  • Learning about your business so we can offer a website design style guide that will fit your brand personality
  • Identifying the ultimate resource and potential of the brand for proper search engine optimization
  • Identifying the target audience to keep the website content aligned with your target demographics
  • Analyzing the market and audience of your competitors to improve any disadvantage of your website
  • Setting important goals to push your website to grow as quickly as possible

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Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me 8

At Weapon Agency, we are clear on showing our vision for your business, and our process of website design needs to align with your business identity and goal.

Firstly, we focus on simplicity; a website design should not have crazy neon colors and effects. The goal is to deliver the smoothest user experience to the customer. For example, crazy and various colors can interrupt the user’s navigation because the visitors cannot read your website’s information. Or, too many special effects can reduce the website’s loading speed.

Secondly, the website designer focus on website hierarchy that improves smooth navigation and understands the essential components that make the website’s layout appropriate for the user experiences. This navigability feature helps the visitors obtain relevant business information. According to an article from Hubspot 9 Guidelines & Best Practices for Exceptional Web Design and Usability by Jamie Juviler, she said: “Planning out intuitive navigation on your site is crucial to help visitors find what they’re looking for…especially, moving from point A to point B should be as frictionless as possible.”

When a website does not follow any navigation hierarchy, visitors find it challenging to access any business materials; in this case, the company can lose conversion. So it is crucial to follow the proper process of website design.

Finally, after understanding your brand, we have decided on how many pages we should have on the website. We offer a website design style guide to help with consistency. Jamie Juviler from Hubspot also mentioned that the goal is to enhance good coherence and a similar feeling across all sites’ pages; the elements that should be consistent are the header, footer, menu bars, typefaces, fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc.

Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me2

First, sketching out the website structure is the most important process of website design. Our website designer needs to design a sketch for your website. Then, after discussing and agreeing on the criteria for the business website design, the website designer will outline the layout to show you the most straightforward way a website should look.


  • Outline site map

A well-designed website has a solid structure and coherence because of a good sitemap. In particular, a sitemap clarifies the link between various pages and content items and gives the website designer create a straightforward website structure.

  • Design the website’s essential components

Website design essential components are menu, navigation bars, color scheme, blog posts, blog archives, widget locations, call-to-action button, chat box, contact form, etc. All website elements must align with the ultimate goal of helping the businesses convert their visitors into potential customers.

  • Establish a list of images that are related to the business

Sometimes, the business does not have appropriate or professional images for its web content. Therefore, we offer valuable stock image options that we got from a third parties professional photography website. In this process of website design, we sort and plan out the most appropriate photos that fit perfectly with any brand.

  • Plan different types of keywords that can serve organic traffic and help the business rank on google

A good website needs a good set of keywords to rank organically on google. Nobody likes to waste money constantly on Google Ads; when running Ads are categorized at a different marketing strategy, many businesses rank their contents organically to find the best ideal customers. So we plan a good set of keywords to help the company achieve this goal.

  • Plan on how many pages and topics will appear on the website

Depending on the project’s scope, the number of website pages can be grouped into different packaging. This process of website design helps the website design agency and the client discuss and achieve expectations.

Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me2

After finishing the draft, the website designer at Weapon Agency will show it to our clients and ask for feedback. This process of website design is essential because both parties need to find common ground on these questions:

  • Does the business like/love/hate the design?
  • Does the business approve the content and structure?
  • Does the website have a good flow of content?
  • Does the business think the website is appropriate for its customers?
  • Does the website contain enough Call-To-Action buttons?
  • Does the website design put users first? 
  • Does the website fit the business’s personality?
  • Does the website authentic and natural? 
  • Does the website feel clustered? 

In addition, when the website has enough quality to display. Our website design team will test the website to ensure that the website is up and running smoothly. Our team will audit the website base on these categories:

  • Are all the forms work?
  • Are all the buttons clickable?
  • Are there any error pages that show 404 contents?
  • Does the website run smoothly?
  • Does the website load for more than 5 seconds?
  • Does the search bar work?
  • Does the website contain any error links?

When we have the answer to all these questions, we can brainstorm again and fix any errors and unapproved ideas to deliver the best website that suits the business goal and expectations.

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Process of Website Design: 6 Golden Rules Website Design, Website designer in Utah, Website design near me6

Responsivity is important in the process of website design. Many users are browsing with their phones; a mobile-friendly website design is the most reasonable way to promote a better business. Especially, mobile information needs to appear fast and concise so the website can enhance a better customer journey. Jamie Juviler from Hubspot said in her research that “59% of organic search engine visits in 2021 were from the mobile devices”. And according to Statista, 93% of visitors leave a website when it loads too slow or does not have proper navigation.

In this process of website design, it is the responsibility of the website designer to ensure the mobile-responsive version of the mobile site.

Here are five simple process of website design to have a successful website that can express your brand to the customers. Follow Weapon Agency for more tips.


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